The Wired is the second collaborative effort with artist Justin Hodges that explores the use of photography in support of iconic Land/Earth Art works.

References to Robert Long, Hans Haacke, and Robert Smithson are made by use of inversion, image licensing, and alteration of the artists' original pieces based on their documentation photographs. Another spiral jetty is made of salt on a marble floor, a monitor displaying slapdash video of aerial footage is suspended from the ceiling, an image license stands in for the museum that owns land art documentation and a line of grass which was trampled is allowed to grow again.
A Line Made by Growing (after Robert Long), Wheatgrass, Earth, Vinyl, Email Correspondence & Image Licensed from Tate Images, 1967-2017
Email Correspondence of Image License from Tate Images, 2017
Installation View
One More Jetty, Video, 2017
One More Jetty, Rock Salt, Monitor, Video, 2017