Physical Fitness, 2015

Physical Fitness is a meditation on the material function of photographs and the translation from image to presence. Images are sourced from stock photo sites and product imagery. Materials are also accessible and easily purchased from As a collaboration between photograph and object, each piece in Physical Fitness is essentially a collage of ready-mades, wherein gestures of both image and material coincide to become a physical manifestation of the actions represented in the source materials.
Tension, 2015 (stock image, artist's frame, resistance bands)
installation view
Stretch, 2015 (stock image, artist's frame, kinesio tape)
installation view
Relaxation Strategy, 2015 (wall vinyl, iPad, double playback Yoga for Beginners, yoga mat, NeverWet, salt water)
Grip, 2015 (stock image, artist's frame, plasti-dip, climbing grips)
Hydrate, 2015 (water bottles, droplet effect acrylic bath partition, shelf hardware)
installation view
Cubby, 2015 (custom print towels, stock image, IKEA wall storage, 5lb dumbbells)
Supplement, 2015 (Gatorade Lemon Lime powder, Gatorade Blue Frost, IKEA shot glasses, IKEA shelf)