Using the versatility of photography as a point of departure, I’m often reevaluating the efficacy of photographs. It is both terrifying and reassuring that we make up our understanding of the world around us by photographing it. Photographs make places, and people, and things accessible to us while also reducing everything photographed to the same value. To this purpose, I am sharing my labor in these works. Both documentation of the making of images and the labor of resolving them as finished works, this series is presented in chronological episodes starting at the inception of current concerns regarding labor exploitation and consistently returning to my studio to photograph it’s interior. Using these images as source material, I edit, print, frame and rephotograph repetitively. The resulting works anachronistically presented simultaneously unfold two timelines: the repetitive making of images and the retelling of the same images after effectively compressing time and space between idea, iteration, editing, framing, and the documentation of the gallery space that they are shown in. These works defy description and are intentionally convoluted to express in words. They are the experience of their own realization.
Today was yesterday's tomorrow
Today will be tomorrow's yesterday
Yesterday's today was yesterday
Tomorrow's today is tomorrow
Yesterday's day after tomorrow is tomorrow
Tomorrow's day before yesterday was yesterday
The day after tomorrow's yesterday is tomorrow
The day before yesterday's day after tomorrow
Installation View, Carnegie Art Center in Covington, KY
Installation View, Carnegie Art Center in Covington, KY
Installation View, Carnegie Art Center in Covington, KY
The day after tomorrow's tomorrow
Todays turn into yesterdays
Tomorrow never comes
I think my tomorrow is today
Or maybe it was yesterday
I'm not sure which is which, anyway
Today's today is today
Where does all the time go?