Made while in residence at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee in the summer of 2015, Broken Dreamz is the first collaboration with Justin Hodges.

The works created are expressions of the paradoxes associated with travel and vacation. Conflicting themes of freedom and containment, exoticism and domesticity, vanity and banality are represented throughout as individual works and installations of contradictory situations.
Puzzle, frames
Braided hair extension, driftwood
Dolphin poster, sand, frame
Pool noodles, plastic-wrapped beach poster, mirror
Vanilla scented candle, hardware
Sealed seashells, glass vitrine, water
All Inclusive (installation view)
Orchid, ocean wave wine cooler, ceramic vase, driftwood, nail file, shelf
Cucumber, jar, beans, natural sponge, shelf
Himalayan salt, bell jar, scented lotion, banana chips, plastic jar